Faisal bin Ayyaf Almogren ( فيصل بن عبدالعزيز بن عياف آل مقرن ) is a scholar and a Ph.D. student in the City & Regional planning department at University of California, Berkeley. Currently, Faisal is based in San Francisco, CA. He holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and building science from King Saud University (2011), a master’s in architecture and urban design from Columbia University (2014), and a master’s in urban planning from Harvard University (2016).

His background combines technical and research experiences; technical by working on several multi-scaler projects of varying types in different local and international settings while with Moriayama & Teshima, Zen+Dco, and Alriyadh Development Authority. The scope of the work he was involved in ranged from small scale projects of interior designs, architectural projects, urban interventions, large master plans, to urban economic studies and policy analysis.

In addition, Faisal strengthened this practical training with strong scholarly and research skills, obtained while at Columbia, Harvard, and UC Berkeley universities. He focused there on acquiring a holistic view to understanding Gulf cities, namely, his focus on urban issues was through considering notions of physical design, housing, regional planning, local and city management, governance, and urban economics. While at those institutions, Faisal worked on a number of professional projects in many contexts, including Kisumu, New York, Cairo, New Rochelle, Moscow, Revere, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh.

Faisal’s current work explores narratives of urbanization in Saudi Arabia, focusing on Riyadh’s morphologies, functions, expansion, and management through an approach that combines a multi-model analysis with a historical lens. His previous design and research work has been discussed an exhibited in a number of different avenues, including the World Trade Center Institute, the UN-Habitat, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Ajman International Conference (AIUPC7), and Millennium City Initiative. He has also published in a number of magazines and journals.